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The current edition of the Babe Ruth League - Official Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules shall govern all play except, as added, amended, modified, waived or clarified by the local rules set forth below. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution. Coaches are expected to be aware of and abide by the Official and Local Rules. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution.

GOAL:  The primary goal of this level is one of training and preparation in the mechanics, skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship of baseball.

General Information:

  • Field dimension: 60' base path, 40' distance to home plate
  • No score is kept except for batting order, no standings, no playoffs
  • Continuous batting (All players in lineup will bat every inning) 5 pitches per at bat
  • 10 players on the field (4 outfielders)
  • Minimum play is 4 innings. Players will rotate between infield and outfield so that each player plays the infield at least 2 innings per game
  • No player shall sit out more than one defensive inning
  • 5 runs per inning or 3 outs
  • No bunting, stealing or infield fly rule
  • No sliding head first at anytime during the game
  • * - 6 year olds may be placed in this level if 1) they have played one year of Rookie and 2) if there is still room for placement after all 7 year olds have been placed



  • Games will be played at Kaiser Park - Bertozzi field
  • All games are limited to 4 innings or 105 minutes (1 hr 45 min).
  • No new inning may begin after 1 hr 30 minutes (90 minutes) from the official game start time. If the Home team is trailiing by 5 runs or less, any inning started must be completed.


  • Uses the 1st base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield first - twenty (20) minutes prior to the game time
  • Weeknights and last Sat game, puts away the pitching machine and bases, drags the field.


  • Uses the 3rd base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield second - ten (10) minutes prior to the game time
  • Sets up pitching machine and bases, drags field weeknight and first Sat. game.
  • Provides game balls.


  • Players on the official rosters of the participating teams (no siblings, parents, friends or scorekeeper).
  • Only one (1) Coach and two (2) Asst. Coaches or 3 adults total, are allowed on the field or in the dugout. Note: Coach may not manage or observe from the stands or behind the backstop during the game.
  • Field prep volunteer(s) prior to the beginning of the game;
  • A Coach may request 'time' to instruct his team or player(s) at any time
  • League official.



  1. Playing time:  Equal playing time for ALL players is a priority. No player may sit on the bench more than one inning.  (See attached Matrix for substitution help).
  2. Base runners may attempt to get extra base on a base hit to the outfield however, once ball is thrown back to infield, PLAY STOPS. Runner must stop forward progress.
  3. Base runners may not advance on an 'overthrow' on a defensive play. Players should be encouraged to attempt to make the proper defensive play to develop basic skills.
  4. Base runners must slide or go around a defensive player in possession of the ball in an attempt to avoid collision.  Failure to make such an attempt will result in the runner being called out.
  5. BUNTING IS NOT ALLOWED.  Swings that are less than 'full swings' (at least 75% power) may be considered to be a bunt attempt and called a strike whether contact is made with the ball or not.
  6. BASE STEALING IS NOT PERMITTED.  Base runners shall not leave their base until the ball has been delivered.
  7. No on deck batter
  8. One (1) coach must be in the dugout at all times


  • Count: batter shall receive no more than 5 pitches even if the 5th pitch is ruled a 'foul' ball. 
  • The fielding pitcher may stand no closer to home plate than the pitching machine and must be within ten (10) feet of the pitching machine
  • The speed setting on the machine dial must be set between 38-40 range
  • Pitches from the pitching machine, which are missed swings or foul balls, will be called strikes.  No balls will be called and no walks will be awarded.
  • If a batted ball hits the pitching machine, the ball shall be ruled 'dead' and all runners shall advance one base.


  • A defensive Coach shall be 'Umpire' and make the calls at home plate and 3rd base.
  • The offensive Coach shall feed pitching machine but when ball is in play shall remain behind pitching machine and shall make calls in the outfield and at 1st base.


  • Number of players:  Defensive team shall consist of ten (10) players, offense shall consist of all players present for the game.
  • Inning:  an inning shall consist of all players having one (1) at bat; FIVE (5) runs or three (3) outs, whichever comes first.
  • Coaching:  Offensive Coach/Parent will feed pitching machine.  One (1) defensive Coach may be on the field at outfield line to advise players during game but must not interfere with play.  A Coach must request 'time' before attempting to demonstrate a technique or explain a play to the player(s) during the progress of the game.
  • End of Play:  a play ends when the ball is in the possession of a defenvisve player within the pitching area (within 10 feet of the pitching machine).  The defensive player must refrain from making any demonstration with the ball that might be interpreted as an attempt to make a play.  (Example:  the defensive player holds the ball aloft while facing a runner). The Umpire will withhold judgment until that official is certain that the defense is not attempting or threatening to make a play.
  • Scorekeeping:  There will be no official score kept except as needed to record runs, outs and minimum play.