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Official Cal Ripken rules define the Age Eligibility for each division.  They are as follows:


Windsor Baseball's adopted structure of divisions is:
Rookie   5-6 Non-competitive, no scoring, no standings, no playoffs, instructional only
"T" / Coach Pitch
  6*-8 Non-competitive, no scoring, no standings, no playoffs, Instructional only
Machine Pitch
Minor A   8 - 9 Non Competitive, no scoring, no standings, no playoffs
Instructional only
Player Pitch - first year; Coach will pitch to his batter when count reaches 4 balls;
Pitching mound: 40ft; 60ft base path
Minor AA   9-10 Non-competitive, no scoring, no standings, end of season playoffs
Player Pitch -
Pitching mound: 43ft; 60ft base path
Minor AAA   10 -12 More-competitive, with scoring, no standings, end of season tournament,
Player Pitch
Pitching mound: 46ft; 60ft base path
Majors   11-12 Very competitive, with scoring, standings, end of season tournament
Player Pitch
Pitching mound: 50ft, 70ft base path


*6 year old players that have completed one year of Windsor Baseball Rookie division may request to participate at the Minor A Coach Pitch division.  However, due to the number of players, volunteer coaches or teams, this request may not always be honored.

AGE DETERMINATION:  April 30th of current season ( Spring 2019)

Policy adopted:11/19/2011
Revised:  2/9/2012  Upon review of our registration numbers, reduced volunteer coach numbers and assessment results, the Minors division has been reworked to allow for a new level for first year player pitch at a 40ft distance.