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The following Code shall be signed by all Coaches of both the AAA and Majors division and returned to Player Rep or Umpire in Chief.


This code is in addition to the basic Code of Conduct for coaches.  It deals strictly with the coach interaction with umpires.

WBL has a strict zero tolerance policy.
  1. No Coach shall verbally or physically accost an umpire.
  2. Calls may not be disputed in any manner.
  3. Coaches shall not speak to the umpire alone.  Both umpires must be present (Majors) for any conversation.  Ideally, the opposing coach should be present.
  4. Commentary on umpire's decisions is not permitted.  This includes indirect commentary such as, "Don't worry, Johnny, that wasn't a strike."
  5. No commentary shall come from the dugout. EVER.
  6. The Coach is ultimately responsiblefor the behaviour of his assistants and his dugout.
  7. Coaches will fill out an umpire evaluation at the completion of every game.


Infractions of this Code of Conduct will result in the following:
  • First offense:  both a verbal and written/email warning will be given to the Coach detailing the infraction(s) with copies going to Umpire in Chief and league President.
  • Second offense:  the offending coach will be suspended for one game.
  • Third offense:  the offencing coach will be removed from his position.