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As a parent of a player in the Windsor Baseball League, I agree to:

Respect the coaches.  Coaches are volunteers who donate their time and expertise to the Windsor Baseball League.  My appreciation of their efforts is paramount to ensuring a willing and ample supply of coaches in the program.  I will take practice and games seriously by making sure that my child(ren) are available and on time as scheduled.  I will collect my children in a timely manner when practices and games are finished.

Respect all players.  All players are contributors to a team and should be positively encouraged by all parents. I will not engage in insults or criticismns of players. Such behavior does not promote team spirit but breaks apart a team and will not be tolerated.

Follow proper channels to resolve any dispute with WBL.  WBL is willing to assist any parent that has a problem with any of the programs.  If I have an issue or problem, I understand that I should approach the Coach of my child's team first.  If I do not find satisfaction,  I and/or my Coach wil contact the Player Rep, followed by a league director or if need be, the entire Board.  No parent should ever feel that WBL is unapproachable.

Display good sportsmanship at all times.  The children are learning to become team players and work toward a common goal.  I will always be non-judgmental in my support for their attempts and their outcomes.
Be a contributor to the WBL.  I will try to volunteer in some aspect of the program and will be a supportive and positive influence for all efforts made by WBL.

Appreciate that WBL is striving to provide the best baseball program for my child(ren). The programs of the WBL are intended to be a learning and fun experience for all players.  I will relax and enjoy the youth baseball experience.