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The following shall be signed by all umpires at both the AAA and Majors level and returned to Windsor Baseball League before the start of the season.
  1. Each umpire will arrive at the field a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled game time.
  2. Each umpire will wear the complete Windsor Baseball League umpire uniform for each game.  A complete uniform consists of shirt, shorts/pants, and hat.
  3. Each umpire will bring a clicker to each game.
  4. A minimum of 24 hours notification must be given to the head Umpire if an umpire is unable to handle a scheduled game.  Exceptions will be made for emergencies.
  5. Each umpire will always treat coaches, parents and players with respect.
  6. Each umpire will be responsible for their equipment and will ensure it is safely put away at the conclusion of each game.


Infractions of the above Code of Umpires may result in the following:
  • First offense: both a verbal and written warning will be given to the umpire detailing the infraction(s), with copies going to the Umpire in Chief, the league President.
  • Second offense: a scheduled game shall be taken away and re-assigned.
  • Third offense: all scheduled games will be re-assigned and the umpire's membership in WBL may be revoked.