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The current edition of the Babe Ruth League - Official Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules shall govern all play except, as added, amended, modified, waived or clarified by the local rules set forth below. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution. Coaches are expected to be aware of and abide by the Official and Local Rules. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution.




  • Players will learn concept of teamwork and responsibilities as team-member
  • Players will be able to identify parts of the baseball diamond
  • Players will be able to identify the positions played in a game
  • Players will be able to assume a proper batting stance in the batter's box
  • Players will demonstrate knowledge of the strike zone
  • Players will be able to assume the baseball ready position on defense
  • Players will be develop base running skills
  • Players will be able to field a ground or fly ball
  • Players will be able to make a throw to the appropriate base or cutoff player
  • Players will learn how to pitch from the wind up or stretch position

REMIINDER:  AA is the beginning level of real baseball.  3 strikes is an out and 4 balls is a walk; 3 outs and the inning is over.  While it is more enjoyable to watch runners running and batters batting, the reality is that at some point along the path of learning baseball, players must begin to learn the art of pitching and hitting.

General Information:

  • Field dimension: 60' base path, 43' pitching mound distance
  • Games are 5 innings or 2 hours; 5 runs maximum per inning
  • Player pitch only; NO Coach or machine is used
  • Free defensive substitution
  • Scores will be kept to establish end of season tournament seeding



  • Games will be played at Mattie 1 (closest to parking lot)
  • Game shall be a minimum of 4 innings but no more than 5 or 2 hrs (120 minutes), whichever comes first
  • Game start time = when first pitch is thrown
  • During regular season play, no new inning may begin after 1 hr 45 minutes (105 minutes)
  • A maximum of 5 pitches to returning, or 8 pitches to new pitcher between innings


  • Uses the 1st base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield first - twenty (20) minutes prior to the game time
  • Sat: Drags and waters field AFTER game
  • Weeknight: removes bases; drags field


  • Uses the 3rd base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield second - ten (10) minutes prior to the game time
  • Weeknight or first game on Sat: prepares field for use (dragging infield, watering, chalking foul lines and batter's box


  • Players on the official rosters of the participating teams. ALL team roster changes (e.g. player injury, illness, resignation, release, etc) must be reported to the Player Agent IMMEDIATELY (within 24 hours of the first knowledge).
  • Only one (1) Coach and two (2) Asst. Coaches or 3 adults total, are allowed on the field or in the dugout, excluding the field prep volunteer(s) who is permitted on the field prior to the beginning of the game.
  • Coaches must remain in the dugout or coaching box until time is called AND permission is granted by an Umpire to leave the dugout or coaching box.
  • No person, including parents and siblings (with the exception of scorekeeper) may be sitting or standing
  • Note: For players on roster who are not in the game defensively, one may warmup corner outfielder at either first or third base (MUST wear helmet) and one may warm up pitcher between innings (MUST wear catcher's mask). If a team has only nine players, one Coach may be used to warm-up outfielders before the inning.



  • Score: scores are kept to determine end of season tournament seeding (not for player stats) and to ensure batting order/minimum play
  • Pitching:  pitchers will stand 43' from the mound/home plate when delivering pitch; back foot must make contact with the pitching rubber;
  • Pitch Limits:


Daily Max Pitches

Required rest




1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days
















  • Pitching: if pitcher hits more than 3 batters in any outing or two batters in a row, he must be removed from the mound UNLESS BOTH coaches agree not to do so; (Please consider the speed a pitcher is throwing to make this decision)
  • Batting: hitters will take full at bat, if hit by pitch, batter will take their base;
  • Running: No leadoff                                                                                                                                                      
  • If a play is being made on a runner at any base, the base runner must avoid unnecessary contact with the player receiving the ball. Sliding on any close play is strongly encouraged. Feet first slides only. Any head first slides will result in an automatic out. Also, no sliding at first base will be permitted,
  • A defensive player may not impede the baserunner except in the process of the defensive player fielding the ball. If the umpire determines that the progress of the baserunner was impeded than defensive interference shall be called, and the base shall be awarded and any putout at the base in question shall be reversed.
  • Players are permitted to play pitcher & catcher in the same game. However, in an effort to protect the player from overuse the player who pitches & catches cannot exceed the maximum pitches per game between the combination of pitches thrown as a pitcher and the throws back to the pitcher when they are catching. You can keep track of the throws back to the pitcher by the current pitcher throws. Only the pitches thrown are counted when determining rest days
  • NO bunting, in-field fly rule
  • Stealing of second base & third base is permitted. Baserunners are not allowed to attempt to steal until the ball has reached the plate. If a baserunner is determined to have left early they will be forced to go back to their original base. Players are only allowed to steal 1 base at a time and are not allowed to steal home even on an overthrow. One steal per batter only.
  • No dropped 3rd strikes
  • Balks: umpire will warn/acknowledge that balk has occurred, but runner does not advance
  • Running: runner may advance 1 base on ball thrown out of play. On an overthrow the baserunner can continue running up to third base unless there is a play made on the runner or the defense attempts to get the ball back to the Pitcher within the 10’ of the pitching mound,



  • Number of players: There must be a minimum of 8 players per team. Defensive team shall consist of ten (9) players in the field with 3 outfielders. Offense shall consist of all players present for the game.
  • Inning: an inning shall consist of FIVE (5) runs or three (3) outs, whichever comes first.
  • Coaching: Defensive Coach may be in the dugout or acting as base coach at 1st and/or 3rd base.  A Coach must request 'time' before attempting to demonstrate a technique or explain a play to the player(s) during the progress of the game.
  • Base runner: must slide or go around a defensive player in possession of the ball in an attempt to avoid collision.  Failure to make such an attempt will result in the runner being called out.
  • Advance to home  is NOT ALLOWED, even if a play is made on a runner attempting to advance to 3rd base. Runner may advance home only on a play that begins with a batted ball (exception: runners forced home by hit batter or base loaded walk)
  • End of Play: a play ends when the ball is in the possession of a defensive player within the pitching area (within 10 feet of the pitching rubber).  The defensive player must refrain from making any demonstration with the ball that might be interpreted as an attempt to make a play. (Example: the defensive player holds the ball aloft while facing a runner). The Umpire will withhold judgment until that official is certain that the defense is not attempting or threatening to make a play.


  • Equal playing time for ALL players is a priority
  • No player may sit out more than one (1) inning
  • Player must play 2 innings each infield and outfield unless there is a safety issue approved by the Player Rep. This should allow managers the opportunity to have every player play a different position throughout the season
  • All Players will bat through the line-up and stay in the same order throughout the game.
  • Player



  • 1 official Umpire will be assigned for each game.
  • In the absence of an umpire, the team Head Coach or designated Volunteer will be considered official "umpire" for these rules. Coach will call balls/strikes from behind the mound, unless someone from one of the teams is willing to go behind the plate and BOTH coaches agree.
  • There will be no arguing outs, balls/strikes by Coaches or spectators. Be respectful of our umpires.
  • If there is a question, be sure to wait until the inning is over and discuss issue with the umpire.
  • Any Coach or spectator arguing a call or acting in a disrespectful manner will be warned and may be removed from the facility for the remainder of the game. If the Coach or spectator does not leave, play will be suspended. After a 2nd warning, they will be removed for the season.