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The current edition of the Babe Ruth League - Official Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules shall govern all play except, as added, amended, modified, waived or clarified by the local rules set forth below. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution. Coaches are expected to be aware of and abide by the Official and Local Rules. Any conflicts or issues regarding play shall be raised to the Windsor Baseball League Elected Board for resolution.

GOAL: The primary goal of this level is one of training and preparation for advancement to the Majors.
General Information:
  • Field dimension: 60' base path, 46' pitching mound distance
  • Games are 6 innings or 1 hr 45 min
  • Free defensive substitution
  • No scores kept except to ensure batting order/minimum play
  • Players may bunt
  • Batting lineup is full roster
  • Curtesy runner allowed for pitcher/catcher
  • 3 innings max for play at pitcher/catcher position in one game (ex. 2 innings pitcher/1 inning catcher)
  • Games will be played at Keiser Park - Field C
  • Game shall be a minimum of 4 innings but no more than 6 or 1 hr 45 minutes (105 minutes)
  • During regular season play, no new inning may begin after 1 hr  40 minutes (100 minutes) from the official game start time
  • During playoff and tournament play, games will be played to their conclusion.
  • A maximum of one (1) minutes will be allowed between innings for the team to take the field and for the pitcher to warm up unless a new pitcher is entering the game
  • Returning pitchers are allowed 5 warm-up pitches. New pitchers are allowed 8 warm-up pitches.
  • Uses the 1st base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield first - thirty (30) minutes prior to the game time
  • Provides field prep volunteer(s). Field prep includes prepping and chalking the field, foul lines and batter's box.
  • Week night games, last Sat. game, team will put away bases in storage locker.
  • Provides one (1) of the base umpires, if needed.
  • Uses the 3rd base dugout
  • Takes infield/outfield second - twenty (20) minutes prior to the game time
  • Provides field prep volunteer(s). Field prep includes prepping and chalking the field, foul lines and batter's box.
  • Provides game balls.
  • Provides one (1) of the base umpires, if needed.
  • Keeps official score and pitch count (book located in snack shack)
  • Players on the official rosters of the participating teams. ALL team roster changes (e.g. player injury, illness, resignation, release, etc) must be reported to the Player Agent IMMEDIATELY (within 24 hours of the first knowledge).
  • Only one (1) Coach and two (2) Asst. Coaches or 3 adults total, are allowed on the field or in the dugout, excluding the field prep volunteer(s) who is permitted on the field prior to the beginning of the game.
  • Umpires approved by WBL (special exception as needed for parent's recruited "on the spot"
  • Coaches must remain in the dugout or coaching box until time is called AND permission is granted by an Umpire to leave the dugout or coaching box.
  • No person, including parents and siblings (with the exception of scorekeeper) may be sitting or standing directly behind the dugout and/or engaging with any player in the dugout during a game.
  • League Official.
Note:  For players on roster who are not in the game defensively, one must coach either first or third base (MUST wear helmet), and one must warm-up the pitcher between innings (wearing a catcher's mask and using a glove).  If a team has only nine players, one coach may be used to warm-up outfielders before the inning.
  • Score: scores are kept strictly to ensure batting order/minimum play
  • Runs: five (5) runs per inning.
  • Mercy rule: 15 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings.
  • Courtesy runner can be used anytime for pitcher and catcher. Runner shall be 1) the last batted out or 2) if batting less than a full roster, runner can be any player not currently in defensive lineup or 3) if batting 9 players, runner shall be any player available
  • Sliding: if a play on the bases is immenent, runners should slide or seek to avoid contact. Jumping over a player is not considered an act of avoidance. At Home plate, a runner MUST slide. Failure to slide will be an automatic out and may result in the ejection of the player. All sliding rules and penalties are subject to the judgment of the Umpire.
  • Sliding: feet first at all bases.
  • No infield fly rule
  • Bats: No big barrel bats allowed
  • Pitching: 85 pitches/week OR 60 total in back-to-back games (i.e. make up game or Sunday games)
  • Balks:  will be instructed but not enforced; any balk called is a dead ball - no pickoffs can occur, no runners may advance on play
  • No stealing home
  • No dropped 3rd strikes
  • Equal playing time for ALL players is a priority.
  • Minimum play: 4 defensive innings (does not need to be consecutive).
  • Player must play 2 innings each infield and outfield.
  • Free subsitution: Each player will be entered and/or re-entered defensively in the game anytime provided that he/she meets the requirements of mandatory play by end of game. Note: if a player is injured, becomes ill or must leave the game site after the staart of the game, the teams will skip over him/her when his/her at bat comes up in the order without penalty. If the absent player returns, he/she is merely re-inserted into the original spot in the batting order 


  • Every effort is made to have 1 umpire supplied by the League for games
  • If no umpire is available, the Home team is responsible for providing the Home plate umpire

  • All conversations with umpire will be conducted by the Coach and only after "time out" is granted. All conversations must be done in a calm and respectful manner.
  • Verbal abuse of the umpire will not be tolerated.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, asst. coaches and fans.