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It is the current position of Windsor Baseball League to encourage players to play within the basic WBL age structure unless a gross disparity in a player's skills hinders their ability to improve or poses a safety risk. 

Therefore, it is our policy that any player that is considered for playing "up" in an older division, must meet certain criteria such as:
  • Petition to 'play up" at the time of registration (email )
  • Player must attend Assessment (except levels with no assessment)
  • WYB Board must recommend and approve the move. This recommendation and approval will be based on player's ability, both physically and mentally, and maturity level.  No accolades, accomplishments, statistics, or experience from any competing or conflicting baseball organization are considered in the decision making process.  Social factors, such as carpooling, friendships, conveniences, are not a basis for movement.  Parental pressure will not be considered
  • WYB Board decision is final
  • Player Agent and/or Division Manager will coordinate and guide player and the parent/guardian through the process of any division movement
  • Parent/Guardian will need to approve any decision for upward placement
  • In lower divisions, DM's of both levels involved must confer and reach a decision: i.e. talk to coaches, observe player at play; discuss with parents. The movement of such player should not upset the equitable balance of any of the league's divisions
  • The movement of such player will be subject to future evaluation, and is subject to reversal at the discrestion of the DM, Player Agent and/or WYB Board

A player's ability to move up may be affected by factors outside of our control:
(1) the number of volunteer Coaches available per level,
(2) the number of players registered in each level or,
(3) the number of teams formed.