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We are a non-profit organization; there are no paid positions.  All monies collected are applied to expenses and improvements.

No player is guaranteed a position on a team unless they are paid in full at the time of team roster assignment.  All players with an open balance will be on a Wait List until balance is brought to $.00.   If a player is locked out due to this, a refund based on the cancellation calculation below will be paid.

To check your balance at any time, you can click the Member Login tab on the left side of the menu on the Home page, sign in with your email and password.

The only exception to this policy is for Scholarship cases which must be arranged in advance.

Our fees are graduated, from Rookie to Majors.  These fees cover approximately 75% of the expense for each player.  The remaining costs are covered by fundraisers and our generous Sponsors.

Additional child discounts apply at $20.00 for every sibiling

Scholar ships will be approved by President/Vice President.  In exchange, families are required to perform approx. 4-6 hours of service (depending on scholarship amount) to the League: field work day, Opening Day, Concession stand or other planned even, are a few potential areas of service need.  Failure to complete the hours could result in the unpaid fees added back onto account to the following season or denial for any future scholarship.

To properly run this league, we need your assistance in a timely and accurate registration.  We encourage everyone to register as soon as possible and to avoid putting it off.  We have late fees to offset the additional expenses and workload that result from late registration, and we believe they help to serve as a deterrent to late registration.

We plan our team count, the roster allocations, the field usage, the uniforms and equipment orders, and the supplies and maintenance resources, all on the amount of registrants we have.  Late registrants have a direct and negative effect on properly administering the league.  We hope that everyone registers early so as to avoid late fees.

If approved for late registration you may be subject to placement on a Wait List until teams are formed


1)  Rookie families who are new to the baseball program/process
Families who move to Windsor after the start of the school year

Refunds will be made based on applicable percentage. There are 3 stages of progress in our administrative and planning timeline therefore requests made prior to:

  • Phase 1) try outs - will be refunded at 100%

  • Phase 2) team formations - will be at 75%

  • Phase 3) Opening Day - will be at 25% No refunds will be given after season begins.

Calculation:  Base rate x phase - (less) any multi-child discount - (less) $25 Administrative Fee.  NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AFTER SEASON BEGINS EXCEPT FOR INJURY (see below)

Note: Any balance due must be cleared before a refund will be given.


In the event of a season ending injury. the family will receive a proportionate percentage: 50% refund if prior to midpoint and 25% if after.


Policy Adopted: 11/2/2011