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Having you ever thought about being a coach?

Wondered if you have what it takes?


New coaches are the lifeblood of the system that keeps Windsor Baseball dynamic and active. Every step in our progress as a league is owed in great part to the parent volunteers who choose to get involved, stay involved and grow their teams. To those who love to spend time with their kids and their kids’ friends, and who value the life lessons that baseball teaches, we proudly invite you to get involved.

Here are 10 reasons why Coaching could be for you:

  1. Coaching is about giving kids confidence by teaching them a game that literally changes lives.
  2. Coaching is hauling the gear bag around like a custodian, because you are one.
  3. Coaching is a chance to make all kinds of new friends (especially the young ones).
  4. Coaching is making every player know s/he’s the best one on the team.
  5. Coaching is two hours on a green grassy field where the office can’t reach you.
  6. Coaching is the high-fives you give and get from the sweetest faces.
  7. Coaching is assuring a dejected child that the sun will rise tomorrow.
  8. Coaching is a tribute to your own kids’ dreams.
  9. Coaching is a tribute to your community.
  10. Coaching is a tribute to the ones who coached you.

We need you!  Our program operates entirely on our volunteer base but nowhere is that needed more than in the Coaching staff.  
  1. Complete the COACH APPLICATION online.  You will be asked to upload your driver's license during the process.
  2. Complete the COACH CERTIFICATION online course that is required by Babe Ruth National Headquarters and is good for your entire coaching career with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth.  There is a nominal cost of $19.95. The process takes about an hour or so.