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President Board Matthew Weese
Vice President Board Collin Clark
Treasurer Volunteer Jason Roberts
Secretary Board Evan Schiff
Umpire In Chief Board Craig Garbo
Snack Shack Board Jolene Cooper
Field Board Jay Levar
Equipment Board Kevin Lew
Majors Division Rep OPEN  
AAA Division Rep Board Josh Sinnott
AA Division Rep Board James Reineck
A Division Rep Board Sean Place
MP Division Rep Board Brian Burris
Rookie Division Rep OPEN  
TBall Division Rep OPEN  
Player Agent OPEN  
Uniforms OPEN  
Registrations/Communications Board Brittany Hayes
Sponsors Board Pam Spath
Sponsors Board Angela Grenier
Social Media Board Crystal Hollingsworth


If you need to contact any of the above board positions directly, please email and the league will supply you with their contact information. *This is due to ongoing spam issues we are having with emails and phone #'s being posted on this site.


Windsor Baseball League Board

Members of the Windor Baseball Board preside over the needs of the league for a term of one year. Each board member volunteers their personal time to ensure fields are maintained, uniforms are purchased, vendors are managed, communications are published, registration is taken care of, rules are established, teams are created, managers and coaches are selected, and sponsorships are secured. The Board formally meets each month throughout the year, and informally in subcommittees as needed.


The Executive Board members are elected for a term of two years while officers are elected for one year commencing in the month of Oct.. Elections for new boards are held annually. Voting is by closed ballot and takes place at the last meeting in Sept.

Board Meeting Dates

Frequency of meetings is established by the incoming board beginning in October. A minimum of one meeting is typical throughout the year except for the summer months of July/Aug when meetings are suspended.  Meeting dates, time and location are published on website calendar.




  The Windsor youth baseball program, using regulation competitive baseball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. In all aspects, Windsor Baseball is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible.