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New to Baseball?

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1.  Age groups and fees

2.  Division breakdown

3.  Important dates

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Baseball is a game that combines skill, timing, athleticism and strategy. Some people think it is the ultimate combination.  It is a game that is enjoyable to watch and play, both as a child as well as an adult.  Engage your child early in the sport of baseball.  Not only will you bring enjoyment to your whole family as participants and spectators, you will also be promoting and developing involvement in an activity that can be enjoyed throughout teenage and adult years as part of a healthy and wholesome livestyle.

Even if you or your child(ren) haven't played in years, or never played at all, you can feel confident that your child will benefit from a league and and volunteers that all share the desire to see every child has the opportunity to have fun learning to play baseball.  Rules have been constructed to ensure participation and the atmosphere is what you make it.  Nothing beats cheering for your son or daughter at the part on a beautiful spring night.

All divisions have specific rules that enforce player rotation between the infield, outfield and bench defensive positions.

If you are a parent new to baseball, and specifically Windsor Baseball, this section will answer some of your basic questions surrounding typical time and date commitments, and a handy table to determine what division your child will play based upon their year of birth and experience.

If you have additional questions don't hesitate to use the various contact methods on this website to ask questions


Age is based on how old player will be on April 30th, 2020 and/or division


Ages Registration  
Rookies $125  
Machine Pitch (7-8) $155  
Minors ( A / AA) $180  
Minor AAA $210 + $25 Volunteer Fee  
Majors $210 + $25 Volunteer Fee


*Field is based on division player is placed


The league reserves the right to advance players who are new to league or who have participated in off season programs that could provide the necessary skills for placement.

Division ages are based on typical progression. It is possible that some players may be moved up or down based on prior year coach evaluation/recommendation or their assessment results.

Rookie -
  • This is the beginning level of organized baseball and combines "T" and Coach pitch. 
  • Emphasis is on learning basic skills and having fun
  • 2 pratices per week until season starts;  then 2 games per week
  • No score is kept
Machine Pitch -
  • This level is comprised mostly of 7 year olds
  • Emphasis is directed toward developing fundamental baseball skills.
  • *Players who are 6 years old may petition to play but must have at least one year of Rookie or T-Ball experience, and approval from Player Rep, Player Agent and/or VP
Note: a pitching machine is used exclusively

Minor A -
  • This level is comprised of mostly 8 year olds
  • Emphasis is directed toward developing fundamental baseball skills
  • First year of player pitch with Coach pitch allowed when necessary
  • *Players who are 7 years old may petition to play Minor A but must have at least one year of Machine Pitch experience, and approval from Player Rep, Player Agent and/or VP

Minor AA -
  • this level is comprised of mostly 9 year olds
  • Second year of player pitch
  • end of season tournament
  • *Players who are 8 or 10 years old may play Minor AA based on advanced skills, experience,or  recommendation from prior year manager and approval of Player Rep, Player Agent and/or VP

Minor AAA -

  • this level is comprised mostly of 10 year olds and all 11- 12 not drafted into Majors
  • this is the first year of competitive baseball
  • Play is now about strategy
  • End of season tournament
  • *Players who are 9 , who have played in Minor AA or equal and demonstrated advanced skills may be placed in draft pool based on assessment rating and approval from Player Agent, Player Rep and/or VP

Majors - 
  • players are drafted into this division after participation in at least 1 assessments
  • *Select 10 year olds may be invited to assess based on experience, coach recommendation and approval of Player Agent, Player Rep and/or VP





The season typically starts with practices in late Feb into early March with games beginning March to end of May.

TBA - Opening Day Parade and Pictures

All players are included in the annual Opening Day event which includes the Parade of Teams, Barbecue, Activities, Home Run Derby for 9-12 year olds and the 12 year old Showcase game. Picture day for the entire league is scheduled during this event.

TBA - Windsor Day Parade

The Kiwanis Club of Windsor organizes the annual Windsor Day Parade which promotes the local organizations, clubs, and school groups. Our League will be participating. All teams are invited to walk with their teammates through the assigned parade route. 


The last weeks of May will be playoff games in the Minor AA, AAA and Majors divisions. Championship games will be played on the last Saturday of the season.


For all divisions, one to two practices are scheduled by the league prior to the start of the season with additional dates scheduled at the discretion of the Coach in divisions Minor A and above.

Game Schedule

Game schedules are posted to the individual team website. Electronic notification reminders will be sent 24 hours prior providing you have selected to be notified. Please check your profile if you are not sure.