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Player Rep: Scott DeMars


Goal:  This division is the highest level of Cal Ripken baseball.  It is more competitive with an emphasis on skill development and learning more advanced baseball tactics.   Players in this division will have the skills, emotional maturity and desire to play at this level.



General Ground Rules:


  • Games will be played at Keiser Park - Field B
  • During regular season play, no new inning may begin after 2 hrs from the official game start time (or if the umpire determines it is too dark to play)
  • During playoff and tournament play, games will be played to their conclusion
  • Returning pitchers are allowed 5 warm-up pitches.  New pitchers are allowed 8 warm-up pitches.
  • Field dimension:  70' base path, 50' pitching mound distance
  • Games are 6 innings or new inning cannot start after 2 hours
  • Free defensive substitutions
  • Scores will be kept for end of season tournament seeding
  • Players may bunt (no slash bunts)
  • Players may lead off and steal (Once momentum stops, the player can’t steal unless an overthrow to pitcher or attempted pick off)
  • Run on dropped third strike is in effect
  • Balks will be called (one warning per pitcher per game)
  • Batting lineup is full roster
  • Courtesy runner allowed for pitcher/catcher/injured player anytime


League Championship tournament will begin immediately following regular season games