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Open to players 10 -12. 
Goal: At this level, the focus is to use skills developed earlier and expand on them.  Play is more competitive. Teams are formed based on evaluations from try outs and previous year level of play.
General Ground Rules:
  • Player pitch only;
  • Pitching distance: 46'
  • Games will be six (6) innings or 1:45 (105 minutes) hours
  • 5 run limit per inning or 3 outs
  • Continuous batting (all players in lineup will bat)
  • No player may sit on bench more than one inning
  • No official score is kept; managers may use scorebook to assist with line up and at bats
  • Free defensive substitution
  • Maximum 3 innings - any combination of pitching/catching per game
  • Players should run on dropped 3rd strike but is automatic out
Complete Rules: HERE

League Championship tournament will begin immediately following regular season games