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Player Rep: Craig Garbo




·         Players will learn concept of teamwork and responsibilities as team-member

·         Players will be able to identify parts of the baseball diamond

·         Players will be able to identify the positions played in a game

·         Players will be able to assume a proper batting stance in the batter's box

·         Players will demonstrate knowledge of the strike zone

·         Players will be able to assume the baseball ready position on defense

·         Players will develop base running skills

·         Players will be able to field a ground or fly ball

·         Players will be able to make a throw to the appropriate base or cutoff player

·         Players will learn how to pitch from the wind up or stretch position

REMIINDER:  AA is the beginning level of real baseball.  3 strikes is an out and 4 balls is a walk; 3 outs and the inning is over.  While it is more enjoyable to watch runners running and batters batting, the reality is that at some point along the path of learning baseball, players must begin to learn the art of pitching and hitting.



General Information:

·         Games will be played at Mattie 1 (closest to parking lot)

·         During regular season play, no new inning may begin after 1 hour 45 minutes from the official game start time (or if the umpire determines it is too dark to play)

·         During playoff and tournament play, games will be played to their conclusion

·         Returning pitchers are allowed 5 warm-up pitches.  New pitchers are allowed 8 warm-up pitches.

·         Field dimension:  60' base path, 46' pitching mound distance

·         Games are 5 innings or new inning cannot start after 1 hour 45 minutes(or darkness per umpire discretion)

·         Free defensive substitutions

·         Scores will be kept for end of season tournament seeding

·         No Bunting first half of the season.  Bunting allowed 2nd half & playoffs (no slash bunting)

·         Players may steal 1 base per batter (when the ball gets past the catcher).  No stealing home.

·         No dropped 3rd strike rule

·         Batting lineup is full roster

Courtesy runner allowed for pitcher/catcher/injured player anytime