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Player Rep: Lee Cooper



Open to players 8-9

GOAL:  The primary goal of this level is one of training and preparation in the mechanics, skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship of baseball.


General Information:

  • Field dimension: 60' base path, 40' distance to home plate

  • No score is kept except for batting order, no standings, no playoffs

  • Continuous batting

  • 10 players on the field (4 outfielders)

  • Minimum play is 4 innings. Players will rotate between infield and outfield so that each player plays the infield at least 2 innings per game

  • No player shall sit out more than one defensive inning

  • 5 runs per inning or 3 outs

  • No bunting, stealing or infield fly rule

  • No sliding head first at anytime during the game

  • * - 7 year olds may be placed in this level if 1) they have played one year of Rookie and 2) if there is still room for placement after all 8 year olds have been place