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Player Rep:  Robert Hollingsworth

Rookie is the beginning level of play in Windsor Baseball.  Coaching basic skills for hitting and throwing are taught.  Batting is mainly Coach pitch but may require the use of a "T" . Teamwork and sportsmanship are also emphasized. Most important while playing at this level is to learn the basic fundamentals and to HAVE FUN!

The primary function of the league is to be one of training and preparation of little leaguers in the mechanics, skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship of baseball.
General Ground Rules:

·         Games will be played at Esposti Park (small field) and Uchytil Field (Keiser Park)

·         All games are limited to 3 innings or 75 minutes (1 hr 15 min)

·         Pitching:  the Coach or Asst. Coach will pitch to their own team; pitch must be delivered with one knee on the ground and ball will be thrown overhand

·         Batting: a batter shall receive 5 pitches; if the batter fails to put the ball into play, then a 'tee' will be used.

·         Base running: base runner must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit

·         Stealing: no stealing of bases is allowed

·         Foul: the ball is foul if it travels less than 15 ft in fair territory from home plate.

·         Strikes: no strikeouts

·         Hitting: batter shall not be allowed to bunt and may not take half swing or swining bunt

·         Sliding: is not allowed