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Our new website is a tremendous education and communication tool for our community of parents, players, coaches and board members. And, unlike many sites, our site depends on your participation to see the full power. 

Once registered, you will be able to receive emails from your Coach(es) regarding practices and games, receive notices when updates are made to the site, access your team information and more.
At the very top of the page you see 6 file tabs: Home, Teams/Schedules, Parent/Volunteers, Coaches Corner, and League Operations. Once you click one of these tabs, your menu options will appear along the left-edge of the page to show the options available for that tab. Note that if there is a visible little white triangle in the lower right corner of the option you selected, further sub-pages are available under that option. We encourage you to look over all the tabs so you become familiar with the location of information.


You are already on the home page when you arrive at our site.  The left-edge menu options for the Home tab gives access to general information that applies to all members.   Any tab that has a little white triangular shape at the bottom-right corner indicates that there are "sub-pages" within that tab.  After you have selected that tab, a menu will appear below the tab with the other pages you can view.

Teams / Schedules

This is where you′ll be able to view the schedule, roster, and bulletins for your specific team.  After selecting this tab, use the drop down menu to find your team division and team name.

Once you are on your Team page, you can access team specific information from the left-edge menu options. If you click on "Schedule" it will list each practice and game in a day-by-day tabular fashion.  Click "Calendar" if you would rather view the schedule in a calendar form.  Majors: the "Results" option shows results for games that have already occurred, but only if your coach or any  team manager enters the results.  The "Multi-Schedule" feature allows you to see the schedule for several teams at one time.
The team roster can also be found on this tab.  Note that for safety purposes, this information is password protected. Only team members will be able to view any personal information. RSS feeds are also available for those parents using that feature.

Coaches Corner
This tab is geared toward the Coaches. Relevant information, such as Coaching Tools, Clinics, etc. will be listed here.
League Operations

This is where you will find information about our league.  Board Members, Rules and Policies, ByLaws, Minutes (still in design), etc. Certain sections may be password protected.

Other tabs of interest:
Equipment Exchange

The Exchange feature, in the left-hand menu, provides an area on the website where you can post information about used baseball equipment that you would like to sell and/or exchange with other members. Please keep equipment on the "Exchange" for no more than two months. 

This exchange is only for baseball equipment - it is not to be used for non-baseball advertising or for-profit ventures or for personal belongings.


Some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) have SPAM filters and block bulk emails sent out by websites. If you suspect you are not getting emails sent to you, first check with your ISP and adjust your spam filtering settings to ensure you get our emails.  The two addresses you may get email from is: windsorbaseball.org and/or leagueathletics.com.  You need to add these addresses to the allowable senders list.