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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season begin?

Please check the calendar on our website page for the exact league dates and events.  Registration opens October through end of December. Typically, the season begins on March 1st for practices and extends until end of May for league play and into June for playoffs and All-Star tournaments.

Why does registration start so early?

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into properly setting up all the divisions. Tryouts in many divisions have to take place, then rosters have to be set, uniforms/equipment have to be ordered and schedules have to be made.


How long will the season last?

Practices can start as early as end of February for the upper division but typically beginning of March for the others. Games conclude end of May for lower division. In-house playoffs start middle of May and conclude last Saturday of May for our Majors, Minor AAA and AA teams.


When will I find out what team my child is on?

Teams should be formed by the end of February. Coaches will receive their roster and equipment and will then contact players to arrange a team meeting. If you don't hear from a team coach by March 1st, please contact a League official.

Can my child be placed on a team with one of their friends?

WINSDOR BASEBALL allows friends to request to be placed on the same team together only in Rookie Ball and Machine Pitch. In Minor A to Minor AA divisions, a request may be made but there is no guarantee that it will be approved.  Players are distributed based on their age and ratings in a balanced process to form teams.  In the AAA and Major divisions, there are absolutely NO requests; teams are created through a draft process based on assessment results.

When will practices begin?

WINDSOR BASEBALL targets March 1st for most divisions but may start as early as mid February for the older division to allow for more practice time.  The goal is for teams to be in a position to practice at least 3 weeks before regular season games begin; however, Spring break and/or other school holidays could affect our schedule.

Where are games played?

WINDSOR BASEBALL utilizes several fields around Town. Typically, Rookies play at small diamond at Esposti Park. Machine Pitch, Minor AAA and Majors play at Keiser Park. Minor A and AA play at ballfields located behind Mattie Washburn school.
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What days and times are the games played?

All teams are scheduled for at least one game per week and one game on Saturday, while the Minor AAA and Majors level may have two games a week plus Saturday.  Weekday games start at 5:30 for everyone.  Saturday game times are based on the number of teams per division to ensure that every team has a game.

Who umpires the games?

WINDSOR BASEBALL uses a combination of parent volunteers and paid umpires.  In Rookie through Minor AA, coaches manage the flow of the game. Parent volunteers may be asked to assist from time to time. Paid high school student/players begin their umpire training at Minor AAA and Majors. Advanced umpires and paid adults umpire if available.

Click HERE if interested in umpiring

What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?

Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove and rubber molded cleats (many young kids have soccer shoes which are acceptable for baseball). Each team is provided an equipment bag consisting of bats, helmets and catcher gear.

A quality leather glove is a must for all players.  We do not recommend purchasing vinyl or simulated leather gloves as they may be cheeper, but tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration.  It is impossible to form a pocket so that the ball tends to pop out when the player attempts to catch it.  (Click HERE for size recommendation.)

A baseball bag is recommended to transport misc equipment: i.e. batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items.  We recommend that younger players write their name and phone number on glove and equipment bag.  Too often they have been left at the field with no way to identify or return to owner.

Are there any uniform supplies my child needs?

WINDSOR BASEBALL will provide each player a hat and jersey to keep. Due to individual fittings, players need to provide their own pants, belt, and socks. When your team meets for the first time, this will be discussed and voted on. Players should bring a windbreaker, jacket or sweatshirt to every game and practice, especially early in the season as the weather can change quickly.

If my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on, can they switch teams?

Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed.  Such requests must be made in writing (email is acceptable) to Player Rep.  Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player to remain with their team.  Team balance is established early on, and changes of this type are difficult, if not impossible, to implement without upsetting the balance that has been established.

Can I keep my child down in a lower division or bring him/her up a division a year early?

WINDSOR BASEBALL strongly supports age appropriate competition and development.  We do not allow players to move up a division early or to play down a division to develop additional skills without approval from the VP or Player Agent.  The only time an adjustment may be made is when there is a safety risk to the player playing in their age appropriate division.  At that time, a parent request needs to be made to the Player Agent who will forward to the Board. In most cases, moving up is dependent on available age openings and number of teams.

Will I have to participate in any fundraising?

WINDSOR BASEBALL relies primarily on the generosity of our Sponsors.  Registration fees have been constant for many years due to their support.  However, it is not unreasonable that in some years, a league-wide fundraiser may be necessary.  At that time, all teams are expected to participate.

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Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

If at any time you have a problem or just want information, you can e-mail the league.  Please discuss concerns with your child's Coach, first; then with the Division Manager if you still need satisfaction.  Division Managers will contact the league Board if the matter is of a serious nature. 

Contact information is on the WINDSOR BASEBALL website under the "League" tab.  

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If my child decides to quit, is it possible to get a refund?

Please see our Policies on Fee Structure HERE which discusses refunds.

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Why am I not getting emails sent out by Windsor Baseball?

Some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) have robust spam filters and block bulk emails sent out by websites. If you suspect you are not getting emails sent to you, check with your ISP and adjust your SPAM filtering settings to ensure you get emails from us. You should add these addresses to the allowable senders: windsorbasebal.org and leagueathletics.com