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Game Schedule
by posted 03/31/2021

Hi Team, we have received our game schedule which I will be posting below. Just a reminder if you are attending your first practice this Friday please bring all of your forms. I am able to email you another copy if you need them. I will be picking up our jerseys and hats sometime this week or next and will hand those out once I have them. There was a Padre's jersey shortage this year so our jerseys will now be the Twins. For game day please wear gray baseball pants, a navy belt, and navy socks as well as the jersey and hat I will be providing. Practice will be canceled on April 10th because we now have a game that day. Once games start we will no longer be practicing and having games only. I will be out of town on May 7th and 8th so will need some additional support to cover those games. Thank you to those of you who have been helping out, I am super impressed with all of your kids and their participation last week!


Game Schedule 

4/10 - 12:30 at Esposti Park

4/16 - 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)

4/17- 10:30 at Esposti Park

4/19- 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)

4/24- 10:30 at Esposti Park

4/28- 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)

5/1- 12:30 at Esposti Park

5/7- 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)

5/8- 11:00 at Esposti Park

5/13- 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)

5/15- 12:30 at Esposti Park

5/24- 5:30 at Uchytil (Keiser Park)




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